LINDMX is a software suite I created to control DMX via a DMX4ALL interface on Linux systems. I hope to find some people who like to test it on their systems and give me feedback.

The main component „lindmxd“ is a lighting server, that provides access to the DMX-Interface through sockets on the computer (or even the network). Sockets allow simple und standardized access to lighting hardware even using other programming languages. The package contains the server and two client applications that can be used from terminal.


Further steps:



  • The interface is accessed via a server program (lindmxd)
  • Interface and control can be on different machines
  • Set DMX in terminal or bash scripts
  • Control up to 512 channels
  • Chasers/Programs with individual speeds
  • Scripting (to start programs, set channels, …)
  • ncurses-GUI
  • Save shows to files
  • Easy installation
  • Completely written in C


Please notice that – as a private developer – I do not give any warranty for the software. I do neither guarantee on stability nor that the software will not do any harm to your computer. Use at your own risk.
[DE] Bitte berücksichtigen Sie, dass ich als Privatperson für die oben angebotene Software keinerlei Gewährleistung oder Haftung übernehme. Ich garantiere weder für die Stabilität noch dafür, dass die Software Ihrem System keinen Schaden hinzufügen kann. Benutzung auf eigene Gefahr. [/DE]

Zuletzt aktualisiert: 25. April 2014